VSPEX BLUE is a complete solution uniting computing, networking, storage and virtualisation in one ready-to-use appliance, which you can install faster than you say ‘hyper-converged infrastructure’!  


VSPEX BLUE combines computing power, storage capacity and networking with virtualisation and data protection in one system, ready for a private and hybrid cloud. Build your own software defined datacentre easily with the all-inclusive VSPEX BLUE building blocks that are designed for simplicity and automated management.


Within 15 minutes you will have your VSPEX BLUE system up and running so you can start creating your first VMs. VSPEX BLUE management eliminates more than 200 manual configuration tasks, boosting productivity for you and your team.


Expanding VSPEX BLUE is easy: just add extra building blocks and these are automatically integrated into the total resource pool. In this way you can start small and simply scale-up without extensive capacity planning. Because VSPEX BLUE is integrated with the EMC CloudArray data storage gateway, the endless storage capacity that public cloud providers offer can be easily added to your hybrid cloud as well.


With the easy installation, simple configuration, and the easy, automated scale-up of storage capacity, you can quickly adapt your VSPEX BLUE environment to changing business needs. Automated management tasks streamline the operation of your elastic pool of computing and storage resources.

EMC reliability

Flexibility and simplicity aren’t complete without reliability. Integrated features in both the computing and storage layer eliminate down time, even during planned maintenance. Extra availability is added by integrating Recoverpoint for Virtual Machines and VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced for data protection and replication.

Single support

To assure you of a quick solution for any possible problem, you have just one single 24/7 support contact for every VSPEX BLUE aspect: computing, storage, networking and software. No need for contacts with various suppliers pointing the finger at each other. Just one telephone number for all your questions.

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> Read more about VSPEX BLUE in this independent IDC white paper (PDF)